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You see not only did Kim literally turn her iconic curves into a perfume bottle, but the marketing campaign for her latest fragrance mainly revolved around Kim sharing a hell of a lot of naked pictures of herself on Instagram. We took a mold of my body and made it a perfume bottle. Now this is not the first time we've seen Kim 'nakey, nakey, nakey' but with the current tally at 11 nearly nude Instagram pictures for her fragrance alone, it seems the onslaught may never end.

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Unless you've avoided the Internet for the past week, there's a pretty good chance you caught a glimpse of Kim Kardashian West's brand-new KKW Body perfume bottle, which is an exact miniature replica of the year-old beauty mogul's body. Kardashian West gave Allure all the details on how the bottle came to be, in case you're interested, but this particular story isn't about Kim KW at all. Carmen Rene is a YouTuber and body-positive activist, who's currently making waves for recreating Kardashian West's fragrance ad, with a message of self-love attached.

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But, unlike the polished KKW Body photo, Rose makes no attempt to disguise her cellulite, rolls and stretch marks. Stop striving to be perfect because guess what, you are there! There is your body, unique, worthy, desirable and perfect.

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By Juliet Paylor. Kim Kardashian has always been a trendsetter, but this time it seems she may have been beaten to the punch. The reality TV star drew plenty of attention for the stunning - not to mention revealing - black Saint Laurent gown she wore in her family's annual Christmas card when it was revealed on Sunday.

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Electra insists that you won't always find her wearing next to nothing. When people see me dressed normally, they can't believe it. It's really weird.

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And playing around with sexiness is another important part, too. Video: Pop Tarts Talk. And for anyone concerned that Electra's experience running up and down the beach in slow-motion doesn't qualify her as a "personal" trainer, the diva has enlisted an expert.

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As Rene pointed out, there is no such issue as a great body. Cheers to her for spreading that message in one of these powerful manners. There are a variety of various things that you could worry approximately when you are starting your very first blog. A lot of latest bloggers fear about traffic, the readers, content material and whether or no longer they may be going to make cash on the internet.

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So Kim Kardashian who will cease to exist if not given proper media attention, has gone back to her old ways of posting shameless selfies of herself on the internet. We all knew it was just a matter of time because once a fame whore always a fame whore, but there is more to the timing of her first bikini selfie then people know. For now they are content to keep up the charade that is their relationship to avoid any further public ridicule.

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The scent, design, and the provocative images that Kim shared to promote it all have sparked an Internet-wide conversation about Kim's "perfect" body, which she literally had molded to create the perfume's flacon. As Yahoo! Lifestyle reports, body-positivity activist and vlogger Carmen Reneknown on Instagram as eatthecaketoo, decided to recreate Kim's nude shoot with some images of her own in an effort to change the direction of that dialogue. She posted the photos to Instagram with a powerful message, reiterating that all bodies should be considered "perfect.


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